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Aetna Medicare Plans

Aetna Medicare Rx Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) — Low Income Subsidy

What if I need help with my drug costs?

Many people who have trouble paying for their Medicare prescription drugs can get Extra Help from the government. The Extra Help program can help you with the following costs:

Extra Help can also eliminate the coverage gap and late enrollment penalties.

How can I apply for Extra Help?

The Social Security Administration and your state Medical Assistance Office accept applications for low-income subsidies. The amount of assistance you receive, if any, depends on your income and financial resources. To see if you qualify:

Aetna members can receive help applying for Medicare Savings Programs. Call "My Advocate" at 1-800-804-9707 to get help with your application. "My Advocate" is a service offered by Altegra Health Operating Company, which is an independent company.

Do you already qualify for Extra Help?

Find out how much you could pay for your monthly Aetna Medicare plan premium based on the percentage of Extra Help you receive. (This does not include any Medicare Part B premium you may have to pay.) Search for plan information now



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